miscellaneous audio clips

Rod Serling: Terror in the Night
serling.mp3 (40 seconds, 519392 bytes)
Radio show outtake. Hear Rod Serling say the word fucked.

Madonna: Nightline interview excerpt
wrestle.mp3 (13 seconds, 324215 bytes)
After her expensive book Sex appeared. The fact that I'm a role model? I have to wrestle with that.

BBC interviewer, before the 1991 Gulf War
danger.mp3 (7 seconds, 185917 bytes)
Do you foresee danger if there is confusion about what the objectives are?

Telebit Trailblazer answer tone
telebit.mp3 (3 seconds, 107660 bytes)
To appreciate this one, it helps to have been a computer geek in the early 1990s.

Robert Studley Forrest Hughes interview excerpt
academe.mp3 (31 seconds, 520256 bytes)
Art critic for Time magazine, interviewed on KQED's Forum program. ...here are all the deconstructionists hopping and snuffling around in academe...

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